• Posted by Neal Rowe
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  • Posted by Ivett M.
    Thank you for your mega kind and fast service. I received my tubers here in Spain in just a week and they are so nicely packed and labelled. Already planted them and looking forward to see them flowering.🤗 So happy Many thanks!!
  • Posted by MixHek
    Thank you very much for the invitation . Best wishes.
    PS: How are you?
  • Posted by E. V.
    Thank you for the postponed delivery. Today I received the Dahlia's nicely packed and even a bonus of gladioles! Such an eye for detail in this time is pleasant and makes me happy. Good luck with your business. E.V.
  • Posted by Angela
    Do you deliver bro Ireland b
  • Posted by Vitalii
    Good day.
    What about my order?
    Order 2340
  • Posted by Else
    This is the second time i order dahlias from you.Last year they were great,but this year I am less impressed.
  • Posted by Ingrid Ertl
    hello! i must tell everybody: my lost packet of dahlias was found.
    a neighbor received it and never told me.
    i am very happy and can highly recommend this shop and will order again.
  • Posted by Ingrid Ertl
    hello again, ingrid from austria.
    my order number is 2442, ordered on the 26.1.2020.

    on your page it said it was shipped. unfortunately i never received the plants.
    please sent me a pm. thank you.
  • Posted by Ingrid Ertl
    hello from austria. i ordered dahlias, got the confirmation that they were sent, but did not receive them yet. please help. thank you.
  • Posted by Tatyana Nikitina
    Thanks. Got the package. The roots are good. Thanks for the gift. I am very pleased.
  • Posted by Rose
    Thanks Sander, sorry for my impatience. Received my order today and the tubers are nice and plump. I'm one happy UK customer. I look forward to a vibrant colourful garden this summer. Happy Gardening everyone!
  • Posted by ilovedahlia
    For all visitors to the website from countries outside Europe who also want to order dahlias Please order your dahlias via
  • Posted by Vanessa Pallmann
    Thank you so much for the dahlia bulbs. Super condition, very happy to have LABYRINTH finally Best regards Vanessa from Germany
  • Posted by Trinidad Elizabeth Antonio
    I want to buy dahlia tubers. But I am from the Philippines. Do you ship in my country?
  • Posted by Lucy Russo
    Have you decided yet on weather you will be shipping to the United States and if so can I place an order? I love dahlia's plant them every year, and love all your choices, they are so beautiful. I already picked out what I wanted and hope will be able to order.
    Thank you,
  • Posted by Cindy Eppes
    Do you ship to US? I would love to order Seniors Hope dahlia and maybe other things as well. Thank you so much.
  • Posted by Pete
    We are in UK. Dahlia tubers are arrived today! Good size! Happy day. Thank you x
  • Posted by Sm
    Love french cancan images. Trying to buy it but it's out of stock for such a long time
  • Posted by Merve Keskin
    Hi! Do you send ahlias to Turkey? Please send them
  • Posted by Julio Ferrer
    Do you send to Spain? And how much are delivery costs? Thanks
  • Posted by Ilovedahlia
    Maybe in another year we can deliver Dahlia Apple Blossom, cant deliver any this year.
    It's a nice dahlia!
  • Posted by Susanna Jääsaari
    Is it possible you to have Collerette dahlia Apple Blossom in your collection?

    Best regards:
  • Posted by michele neumann
    Hello, I wrote you and didn't receive any answer...Is it possible for you to send an order early in march because I have to force de tubers in my greenhouse in march, otherwise the dahlias doesn't bloom before august...Thank you for answering me quickly.
    Kind regards
    Michèle Neumann
  • Posted by hannelore meier
    bitte wo ist meine Lieferung

    Amaryllis Estella
    9,25 EUR
    Artikelnr.: 1023
    Amaryllis Double Dragon
    10,50 EUR
    Artikelnr.: 1017
    Amaryllis Nagano
    9,75 EUR
    Artikelnr.: 1044
    Amaryllis Picotee
    10,50 EUR
    Artikelnr.: 1047
    40,00 EUR
    11,50 EUR
    51,50 EUR
  • Posted by Suzanne
    what lucky people your clients are in the Northern hemisphere. looking at your magnificent dahlias all I can do is dream. you offere your clients an outstanding range. I am in the Southern hemisphere. and subject to Australia's very strict rules re imports of plant matter. yes, there are good reasons for such rules. Love your site. it is inspiring
  • Posted by Cat Traynor
    Do you ship to Australia?
  • Posted by Dariohip
    Кто знает нормальные компании, разбирающиеся в подъездных домофонах мне надо подключить UKP-66 к домофону, сам попробовал, не получается
  • Posted by Amierul
    Hi. Do you ship to Malaysia?
  • Posted by Bonnie
    Do you ship to Canada?
  • Posted by ilovedahlia
    Yes we ship to Denmark
  • Posted by Gry Harboe

    Do you ship to Denmark?
  • Posted by ilovedahlia
    Yes we ship to Austria
  • Posted by Garden
    Do you ship to Austria?
  • Posted by Bee
    Hi do you ship to Canada? Thanks
  • Posted by Jan
    Hello! Do you ship to SLOVAKIA; if so, what is the cost of transport?
  • Posted by Marina Krylova
    Hi! Do you ship to Moscow, Russia? Thank
  • Posted by Mark
    D0 you ship to Germany??
  • Posted by Mark Tefft
    So U Shop to Germany??
  • Posted by Montserrat Galvez serra
    hello, do you shipp to Catalunya, Spain, Europe?
  • Posted by Judy Hoffmann
    Will you be shipping to the U.S. next spring?
  • Posted by ilovedahlia
    we are thinking about shipping to Canada and USA, we are working on that!
  • Posted by Anna M. Grant
    Hello - do you ship to Canada? Thanks!
  • Posted by Paul
    Leuke site!
  • Posted by Sylvia
    Does the grouping of Dahlia tubers indicate more than one in each bag? The photo seems to show several flowers, but not sure. Thanks!
  • Posted by Joanna
    I received my dalhias ! All is perfect.Next year I will buy more Thank you so much!!!
  • Posted by Christina Damgaard-Sylvest
    I just recived my Dahlias. They are in perfect shape Thank you!
  • Posted by Rosanna Castrini
    Just yesterday I received the ordered dahlias: perfect shipping and excellent material: thank you!
  • Posted by lhardy
    Hi i would like to buy a dalhia 'Fatima', do you deliver to France thank you for your answer, nathalie
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